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Warhammer Campaign: The War for Onenth Peninsula

New Warhammer Campaign: The War for Onenth Peninsula.

This is a little introduction to our new Warhammer campaign that we just started.  There are five of us playing; myself, Asmodai, AirmanG, Boltergeist and another friend of ours.  We have Chaos Warriors, Orcs and Goblins, Skaven, Empire and High Elves.  A pretty nice mixture of armies.  I have created a map for us to battle over and setup rules for the campaign.  We just started over this past weekend and figured I should start posting before we get too deep. 

So the rules I composed are pretty simple but add in some detail by forcing you to rebuild units lost after battles.  Players will earn gold based on the territories they control. Players can use this to replenish their troops, add new units or build completely new banners.  I didn't add anyway for units and characters to improve over the campaign simply because this can lead to very crazy hard units/characters. 

Here is the map and the starting tiles for the campaign.  This does not have the Banner positions on it yet.  We haven't completed our first turn battles so I haven't updated the map as of yet.  You could easily do this with the GW map tiles or any other map for that matter.

I have created a spread sheet for the players so that they know what each of the tiles represents.  There are some special rules for controlling the tower icons, each with different bonuses.  There are tons of maps out there for you to use if you can not create your own map, just surf the web till you find one you like! 

So here are the campaign rules that I have.  They are a work in progress, so things could change and be tweaked as the campaign goes along.  My goal is to have a pretty streamlined map campaign that we can use for both Warhammer and Warhammer 40K.  These changes could take a while since the campaign is a slow burner.  All the players have busy lives so we are taking it as slow as it needs to go.  Could take us six months to a year maybe.  I am going to try to get some of the other guys to post up something about the battles we fight and I am going to try to post up updated maps with comments on the map movements.  Hopefully you guys enjoy the campaign and want to give it a try yourselves. 

Here is the rules in all there beta-testing fashion.

Warhammer Fantasy Campaign
            This will be a map based campaign that will be played between five players.  Each campaign turn will be played over the course of one month to ensure that each player has ample opportunity to get their games in.  Each player will choose an army and create banners that will represent them on the campaign map.  Players will battle for dominance and a special personal objective that will be different for each army.
Call to Arms: Building your banners.
            Each player will choose one Lord (no special characters) from their respective army book to represent the overall general of their forces.  The base cost of the choice will be 1 point that will be deducted from your starting 5000 points.  Any upgrades and options given to this character will be deducted from your beginning total.  Once finished with your General, players will build army banners ranging in size from 1250 points up to 2500 points.  These banners must adhere to army composition percentages (including your overall general).  Your combined armies will only contain one of each army specific magic items.  Your armies may include duplicate common magic items found in the main rulebook.
Freedom of Movement: How to move your banners and claim territories.
            Each player shall issue orders to their banners at the beginning of each campaign turn.  Banners may make a standard movement of two tiles, a Forced March of three tiles or a Fortify Move.
·         Standard Movement: Banner moves two tiles
¨      May claim all unoccupied territories it moves through
¨      Must stop in an enemy territory to lay claim
¨      Will stop when it comes in contact with an enemy banner
·         Forced March: Banner moves three tiles
¨      May only lay claim to the tile it ends it’s move in
¨      Must stop in an enemy territory to lay claim
¨      Will stop when it comes in contact with an enemy banner
¨      If brought to battle, the marching forces are forced to move on the table edge beginning on the first turn. 
·         Fortify: Banner does not move
¨      No movement made
¨      Army spends time reinforcing their position
¨      Allows defending banner to add 25% to their banner total when while defending the tile

Claiming Territories:  How to conquer your foes.
·         Players may claim territories in the following manner.
¨      Move a banner into a previously unoccupied map tile.
¨      Move a banner into an enemy tile and stop the banner's movement.
¨      Move a banner into a map tile with an enemy banner and defeat them in      battle.

Territory's Resource Production: Getting paid!
·         A previously unoccupied territory will produce full resources at the beginning of the next campaign turn.
·         An enemy controlled territory will only produce half its resource total at the start of the next campaign turn.  If still under control the territory           will produce its full resource total the following turn.
·         A territory under a player's control will always produce its full resources unless being fortified, then at the start of the next campaign turn it only produces half its resource total as the locals prepare for war.

Resource Production Chart: Here’s the breakdown.

            City Tiles=500 Gold per turn
            Road Tolls Tile=100 Gold per turn
            Mountain Tiles=50 Gold per turn
Ruin Tiles=Pay 150 Gold for Expedition roll D6: 1=lost, 2=150 Gold, 3-4=300 Gold, 5=500 Gold, 6=750 Gold
Specialty Tiles= See Tile Key for more information

Movement Sequence:  Moving in an orderly fashion.
Once players turn in their banner movements, the player with the lowest gold yield for the previous turn will move first and then proceed in order accordingly.  In case of a tie in gold production, the player with the fewest tiles will move first.
After Action Reports: Bring out your dead!
            Players will assess their armies after each battle.  Units, Characters, War Machines and Monsters that were destroyed completely or fled the table will use the following.  Units, Characters, Monsters and War Machines that took damage but survived will return to full strength before the next battle.

            Destroyed: Anything that was destroyed completely on the table top, not fled from the field of battle.
·         Units must roll 2D6 and apply the following: 2=Destroyed, 3-4=50% Destroyed, 5-6=40% Destroyed, 7-8=30% Destroyed
                                    9-10=20% Destroyed and 11-12=Full Recovery
·         War Machines must roll a D6: 1=Destroyed-Not Repairable, 2-3=Machine fires every other turn (roll again after next battle), 3-4=Repairs complete
·         Characters/Monsters roll 2D6: 2=Dead, 3=loses 1T, 4=loses 1Str, 5-6=loses 1WS, 7-8=loses 1BS, 9-10=loses 1Int, 11-12=Full Recovery

            Routed: Anything that has fled from the table top.
·         Units, War Machines and Monsters that fled the field of battle, players must pay 25% their value to get them to return before the next battle.  Characters are made of tougher stuff and will return without added cost, but you must roll a D6 to determine what the troops think of their “fearless” leader. 
·         D6: 1-2= Minus 1 to their Leadership 3-4= Minus 6” to Inspiring Presence 5-6= Troops didn’t notice, no effect.

This will get you started on the building your forces.  An email will follow giving out the official start date and the victory conditions.  Your personal objectives will be given out individually.  The map setup will be explained on day one as we begin our movements.  If you have any questions, please let me know.  If there is anything that needs to be changed, please speak up so we can all enjoy the campaign. 

Thanks for reading and I hope this inspires someone to start a campaign with their own gaming group.

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