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Monday, March 21

Battle for Stones River 2011 Wrap Up and Announcement!

From Bossman

First I would like to thank everyone that took part in the Battle for Stones River this year. I feel that it was the most successful tournament so far. We had a wonderful day of war gaming with 208 games of 40K played inside 10 hours with no major problems. We owe this to you, the players. There are a few others that are responsible for this being a great tournament, of course, Chris with Grand Adventures and my partners in terrain Danny, Josh and Keith. Thanks goes to Travis and Ken for being our rules judges. Also I wanted to thank Scott with the Hammercast and Black Library author Mike Lee for coming and spending their Saturday with us. Finally I would like to thank Matt Rogers and his boss Travis with All State Insurance for providing our lunch for the day.

So the whole reason behind the tournament is to provide a high quality large scale tournament for our local community. Out of simple enjoyment do I continue to run the tournaments and attempt every year to build upon what we did the previous year. So in an endeavor to make thing grow I am happy to announce that the Battle for Stones River 2012 will be part of the Games Workshop North American Independent Grand Tournament Circuit. What does this mean? Well it means that the top two overall players will receive a ticket to the Throne of Skulls tournament which will be in Memphis,TN. in October 2012. Games Workshop will be advertising this tournament via a wide variety of means, so we are going to attempt to find a suitable location that we can expand our tournament to more than 50 people. The core of the tournament will remain the same, the same scoring system, theme and so on.

In closing, this next year is going to be huge. I am always looking for ways to improve, so any constructive feedback or ideas are appreciated. Keep an eye out on the forums for further information about next year’s event. Thanks again to all that participated and congratulations to our winners for this year: Kevin Drury (Overall Champion), Rex Cullor (Best General), Shannon Dickens (Best Sportsman) and Keith Hoffman (Best Painted). I hope everyone has a great year and we see you back for another great event!


Monday, February 28

Battle for Stones River Aftermath

I know I have been slacking on updates the last couple of weeks, but I do have a good excuse. This past weekend was the 4th annual Battle for Stones River here in Murfreesboro, TN. We had a full event with 52 players fighting it out over tables filled great terrain. I managed to take a bunch of photos early in the day but I got busier as the day went on. We had a ton of great painted armies and also a great selection of 40K armies including a beautifully painted Tau army and even an old school 2nd edition Necron army.

In the end, our local long time Dark Eldar player walked away with the win scoring the maximum amount of points possible each round. Best painted went to an awesome Imperial Guard army that not only had an amazing paint job, but it was also full of amazing conversions as well.

Next year we are hoping to be able to expand the event to add even more players since we sold out a month in advance. Also next years event has been approved for the Games Workshop GT circuit so the winner will receive a ticket to the championship that will be held in our backyard, Memphis, TN.

Before I get to the photos, I want to thank everyone who helped out at the event. Josh, Keith, Jeremy, Jake, Ken, Travis, Patrick, Susan, everyone else who helped, and the event organizer Jason. And another big thanks to our sponsors / partners in crime Grand Adventures, Scott and The Hammercast, and Allstate Insurance for donating the pizzas.

Thursday, February 24

Small Delay.....:(

Sorry guys and gals, but due to a family accident last night, photo updates of my space wolves will be a little later than I planned. Also this Saturday is the Battle for Stones River Tournament, so I will be helping run that event. I plan on taking photos of the event through out the day and posting them here for y'all to check out! Well, that is the plan if everything doesn't go to crap between now and then!!

Tuesday, February 8

Battle for Stones River Scenarios

Here you go guys, this is the first two of the six possible scenarios for the tournament. Play these all you want and if you find any actual rules dilemmas then please let me know. All of the following scenarios are subject to change before the tournament. If possible I will update any changes that I make. Remember there will be four more posted soon so keep checking back for more.

So anyway on to the good stuff...