Tuesday, July 22

Stuff and Things

Wow. February 1st. Over six months since we even made a post. Life has kept us busy, and taken each of us in very different directions. We're still hobbying, but some of us have taken up new and different hobbies.

I've just sent out an email asking each of the other Inquisitors what we should do with this blog. In all reality, the last couple of years we've only been using this blog to promote our annual 40K tournament, The Battle for Stones River. With Facebook, Instagram, and many other social networking options, we are faced with an overwhelming amount of resources for hobby inspiration. And in the scheme of things where does that leave us?

I think that this blog has some of the most talented members of our local community for authors, and I would like to focus on showcasing that talent no matter what form it takes. As I mentioned above, several of us have new hobbies other than 40K and Fantasy. Some of us have been playing Hero-Clix while another has taken up wood-working. So I asked them what they thought about opening up this blog to more than GW related posts. I'm not sure what their responses will be and what direction this blog will take. It's possible that we may even decide that it is best to close things up. If that happens, it happens. We'll just have a radical inquisitor or two roaming the webway.....

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