Tuesday, May 3

Night Lords (from the blood of angels)

So.... after much needling and sacrificing of small animals, Deathklokk has been summoned to the realms of the Istvaanians.

My current long-time project is a Night Lords army based around the Blood Angels codex. yes, yes I know "counts as" is all the rage right now, but please bear with me while I explain why this really isn't just an excuse to use the newest codex toys.

When I started thinking about this project (while working on my Guard army) I knew I wanted an elite force that had dramatic colors and a decisively offensive playstyle. I try and bounce from extremes and contrast armies to help hold my interest in them for the long haul. Before the Blood Angels codex I was really drawn to the background of the Night Lords as the tragic monsters betrayed by their maker, the Emperor. I feel they have a really "dark knight" vibe to them. Lawful Evil if you will.

While examining my options for the list I was unhappy with the selection offered by the current Chaos codex for the Night Lords. Having two other armies based around that codex already, I intended to branch out. I had thought about Blood Angels using their pdf codex but when the new book dropped, I was sold!

The Blood Angels have many fluff similarities to the Night Lords that I intend to bring to the for using unit selection, modeling, and background. Both have a Primarch that was killed tragically by betrayal. Both suffer from the memory of that death. Both have a distinctly vampiric feel. Both struggle with a taint that will ultimately doom them (Blood Angels the Black Rage and Night Lords with warp corruption).

Using these similarities I intend to build a Night Lords army using select appropriate Blood Angels units. Ultimately I intend to represent the two sides of the Night Lords coin, the uncorrupted Night Lords (using Dante and Sanguinary Guard) and the Forsaken (using Death Company and Astorath).

Bah, no more babbling...on to the pictures!

My initial conversion of an Assault Sgt. with Hammer/Shield

Astorath himself


and a Hatemonger (chaplain) that was used for a test model

More pics to follow...


  1. Hey:

    I think this is a great idea and some months ago began to accumulate all of the bits I would need. Unlike your army, mine will be almost entirely based around the previous nightlords fluff in the penultimate codex. I.e. lots and lots of raptors backed up by havoks. Great minds think alike, also your work so far is very nice. Cypher623

  2. Where's the shield on the Assault Sergeant from?

  3. GMort, it's from the Chaos Knights kit. Look to see a lot of those bits when I get around to doing the Night Guard (Sanguinary Guard CA).