Monday, February 28

Battle for Stones River Aftermath

I know I have been slacking on updates the last couple of weeks, but I do have a good excuse. This past weekend was the 4th annual Battle for Stones River here in Murfreesboro, TN. We had a full event with 52 players fighting it out over tables filled great terrain. I managed to take a bunch of photos early in the day but I got busier as the day went on. We had a ton of great painted armies and also a great selection of 40K armies including a beautifully painted Tau army and even an old school 2nd edition Necron army.

In the end, our local long time Dark Eldar player walked away with the win scoring the maximum amount of points possible each round. Best painted went to an awesome Imperial Guard army that not only had an amazing paint job, but it was also full of amazing conversions as well.

Next year we are hoping to be able to expand the event to add even more players since we sold out a month in advance. Also next years event has been approved for the Games Workshop GT circuit so the winner will receive a ticket to the championship that will be held in our backyard, Memphis, TN.

Before I get to the photos, I want to thank everyone who helped out at the event. Josh, Keith, Jeremy, Jake, Ken, Travis, Patrick, Susan, everyone else who helped, and the event organizer Jason. And another big thanks to our sponsors / partners in crime Grand Adventures, Scott and The Hammercast, and Allstate Insurance for donating the pizzas.


  1. Kevin here (the long time local DE player) with a quick correction. My last opponent was using all Ravenwing models but running them using the Space Marine codex and using Khan.

  2. Thanks Kevin, I corrected it above. Also congratulations on the win!!

  3. the quality of people's armies is really impressive it's good to see excellent standards at tournaments

  4. Paint scores really play into this event, and can easily bring some one who would normally be in the middle of the pack into the top ten.