Tuesday, May 22

Painting a Night Goblin Horde Step by Step Part 2

It's been a little while since I posted the first part of this tutorial, but since then real life has been keeping me busy over the last two months. Things are starting to get back to normal now, so lets finish these Night Goblins!

Here is where we left off last time, freshly coated in Badab Black.
From where we left off, there really isn't much left to do to these little guys. We're going to add a few more colors to give the models some depth and then paint the bases and call them done. Here are the colors that I used, and I still haven't switched over to the new paint range yet.

  • Blood Red
  • Ultramarines Blue
  • Reaper Brand Lighter Blue (Sorry, can't remember the name!)
  • Mythril Silver
  • Goblin Green
  • Skorched Brown
  • Adeptus Grey

Step 8
Now that the Badab Black wash has had time to dry (let's hope so since it's been over a month!), we can bring out some of the details. I painted the shaft with Blood Red, leaving some areas untouched to create shadows. I also painted the wrapping on the spear, the belt, and the shield in Ultramarines Blue.

Step 9
Using Goblin Green I highlighted the raised areas of flesh. Make sure to leave the darker colors in the recesses. I then used the Reaper Brand lighter blue color to highlight the shield, belt, and spear wrapping.

Step 10
Now I highlight the spear tip along the edges with Mythril Silver. Concentrate on just the edges and the sharper areas of the blade. I also base coated the base with Skorched brown. This may take two coats.

Step 11
And the last step. Drybrush the base with Adeptus Grey and if you want add a little flock to the base.

Da Blurry Horde!
And here is a very, very, bad shot of the finished horde. I added a little more detail to the front rank since they will be seen the easiest. Fifty down, two hundred and fifty to go!

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