Friday, August 3

Spidey the Wonder Mutant!

Hey all, just a quick post to prove we're still alive over here at the Istvaanians! I'm really pleased with the new allies options with 6th edition, as well as the impending arrival of the new chaos codex. With that in mind the Black Legion is off the shelf and back in production.

I made this guy a long long time ago, but he amuses me every time I look at him. I've always liked the mutation aspect of chaos, so this marine has gained the dubious 'gift' of the face of a spider. The head is the body of an old Warhammer Quest spider with the legs removed, and the cuts covered with GS fur. A pin holds it in place, and more GS for a neck. Quick, simple, and funny (to me, anyway).

Since his recovery from the warp I've replaced his shoulderpad with a proper metal Legion one, and his standard base with one from Dragon Forge Design.

Thanks all!
-- B.

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  1. Cool idea. Kinda has a Slaanesh feel to it with the fangs.