Friday, November 4

Inquisitor Inspiration

Inquisitor... A couple of the local guys were talking about Inquisitor the other day and it got me thinking about years gone by.  I came straight home and broke out my Inquisitor figures.  I forgot how much I really liked working on them.  I had to dust them off but they were still in pretty good shape.  I then fumbled around a while until I found all my rulebooks and campaign books after which I went to the GW website to find that you can download the Inquisitor rulebook for free!  There are also some good gaming aids on the website too.  I went looking through the model range and found a few new figures but also found that quite a few of the older models and conversion kits are no longer available... this made me sad as there were some really good stuff in there.

So I think we have decided to run a campaign, probably start with some of the ready to play campaigns that were put out by GW, but while I was researching campaign online I came across a fantastic new forum dedicated utterly to Inquisitor  Its a fantastic site with tons of information and a very friendly community.  There are some great writers on the forum and they even offer to help write up background for your characters. It appears most of the contributors are from the UK, hopefully I can help increase the US contribution. I would highly recommend checking it out if you have any interest at all in the game.  I can see I will be spending quite a few hours reading up on what I've missed over the last couple of years.

I thought I would post up a few pictures of my Inquisitor and his merry band of followers...

Two small child-like Alpha Psykers.

This is my Inquisitor, he's had many names but in between at the moment.

The Sgt. Black model with the the IG conversion kit.

Just a few tweaks to make a self-righteous IG officer.

I am pretty proud of this conversion, changing the enforcer into a IG sniper.

I wanted a fanatical priest with a pole-saw...

These are some generic hired guns.

Alien bounty hunters made with the conversion kit.  There are actually Mordhiem claws on the one on the right!

Tau water caste and his Kroot bodyguard.

I have a couple more that are in the process of being built.  I have a demon-host that I am converting with wings to make it look as if he is flying.  I also have a arco-flagellant that I am swapping out weapons on.  Once I get these done I will post more photos.

My plan is to blog a little about the campaigns we get into as well, hopefully taking some photos during the games.  Nothing more impressive than 54mm figures fully painted on a table full of scenery.  I hope some of you break out your old Inquisitor figures and get some games in.  Thanks for reading and I'll try to get some more posted over the next couple of weeks.


  1. Hi, I came across your site and wasn’t able to get an email address to contact you about some broken links on your site. Please email me back and I would be happy to point them out to you.

    Joel Houston

  2. I fixed the one in this article. I think Asmodai was going to contact you about any others. I hope you were able to check out the conclave's website, it's very nice. Thanks for the comment, hope you liked it.