Thursday, November 3

The war is coming to an end... Avignor Week Four.

Well, we have officially entered the last week of our campaign.  We had some mix ups in week three for our result sheets, so it was decided to combine week three and four into one campaign move.  The Good Guys ended up on top over the last two weeks gaining 5 territories and Bad Guys gaining three.  Of course we had a few draws thrown in there as well.  Everyone seems to be enjoying the campaign, they can come in and play whenever they can and their victories count for something.  They can see results each week even though they don't have as a direct role in conquering territories. 

So here is Avignor after four weeks of campaigning.  The landscape has changed dramatically.  The Good guys have really pushed south into the promethium fields as the Bad guys have pushed north along the coast towards St. Avignor's Cathedral.  We'll see what the final week of the campaign brings...

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