Thursday, November 10

Almost time for Inquisitor!

Tonight I delve back into the deep... I have an Inquisitor game lined up with Asmodai so I can show him the rules.  Hopefully I don't screw things up too much.  I created some very basic characters and a pretty basic narrative to start us out.  We will have three characters each and if all goes well, maybe we can get another game in. So in preparation for the Inquisitor game tonight, I decided to finish up my last two conversions and at least have them available if we wanted to use them.  I think they turned out pretty well.  The first of which is my Acro-Flagellant, which was made from Simeon 1427 and I attached an Ork power claw to use as a decapitator.  On the other arm I attached the K'Nib multi-launcher from the Kroot model.  This required a bit more work.  I had to file down the connection on the arm until it fit together and pin it.  In game terms the K'Nib fires rounds based on your Toughness value, which with a flagellant you can boost by injecting stimms!  He can't shoot very well, but he will fire a lot of shots!  Here he is with a primer coat.


The other figure I was working on was my Demonhost.  I wanted him to look as if he was swooping down from up high.  I added the old metal Pegasus wings with very little effort.  A little putty work and some pinning and there you go.  I am stuck on how I want to paint him, but I am thinking about working from purple up to almost a pale white...  We'll see what inspiration strikes me when its time.  Here he is in his naked pewter state.

So I will endeavor to take photographs and document our first game back into Inquisitor.  I am not the most creative writer so you guys will have to bear with me on that aspect.  I am about to embark on a new building and painting frenzy for my Necrons too.  Asmodai, Boltergeist, AirmanG, myself and a few others are going to begin a Tale of (X) Gamers in the next few weeks, but I will leave that to Asmodai.  Just watch for our bi-weekly updates and photos.  Thanks for reading.

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