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Battle for stones river 2014 scenario 3

Battle for Stones River 2014 Scenario Three
The Battlefield
Use deployment map: Vanguard Strike (page 119) and setup any player owned fortifications.  Players cannot move terrain to make room for fortifications.  Prior to deployment, players place 2 objective markers each.  See the Primary Objective description for instructions.  Prior to deployment of forces, roll for Warlord Traits and Psychic Powers accordingly.  Players roll off.  The winner may choose to deploy 1st or 2nd.  Player deploying 1st deploys their entire force except infiltrators and those units held in reserve.  The player deploying 1st also takes 1st turn unless the opposing player can steal the initiative.  
Victory Conditions
This scenario is won by completing the following objectives.  Players earn points for each objective.  These points are called Battle Points.  These are the totals that are placed on player score sheets.

Primary (12 Battle Points) Objective markers… Players take turns placing two markers each.  These must be placed more than 6” outside all deployment zones, more than 6” away from all table edges and more than 12” away from each other.  Once placed, prior to deployment, players secretly write down which marker is their primary objective.  This objective is worth 2 points and all other markers are worth 1 point.  Players may choose after deployment to announce their marker, it is then worth 3 points.  Player with the highest total points earns the Battle Points.  If the total points are a draw, each player earns 4 Battle Points.  
Secondary (4 Battle Points) Slay the Warlord.  Both players may earn this objective.
Tertiary (2 Battle Points) Player with the highest Victory Points.  (2 Battle Points) Line Breaker.
Special Rules

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