Sunday, August 12

More mutants sighted

Mutant with crab arm
Hey all, I thought I'd post up a few WIP shots from my growing force of mutants... Sorry for occasional blur and color issues; I took the pics quickly but I think you'll get the idea.

The theme of the army is that the warband seeks out the favor of the chaos gods, and sees mutation as proof of that favor. So, each member has various 'gifts' of greater or lesser usefulness. I always liked the old Realm of Chaos books' view that the gods are so alien there is nothing methodical or meaningful about what is granted to their followers-- mutations or other gifts that make the bearer unstoppable or completely disabled are one and the same.

Mutant with spider carapace and arms
Marine with Autocannon
Marine with spiky appendage and melded helmet
Mutant with demonic face and claw. Made from a Rogue Trader chaos marine and current bits.
It amuses me that he's licking his bolter.
My favorite so far-- this marine is bordering on becoming a spawn.
He has to support himself with his sword as he struggles to fire his weapon appendage.
He still needs a good bit of green stuff, but I'm happy with the pose.

Thanks all! More to come...
-- B.

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  1. Ok, that last guy is really cool. I like the proto-spawn idea. The rest of them are great, too, but that guy really stands out... errrr, so to speak.