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New in-store map campaign!

The Crusade for Avignor
(An Istvaanian Map Campaign)
            Welcome to Avignor of the Helican Subsector.  The world was originally reclaimed by St. Avignor during the early expansions by the Emperor.  The populace welcomed the Imperium with open arms becoming very devote followers of Imperial Creed.  They followed the Ecclesiarch’s teachings and worshipped the Emperor as God of mankind for generations.  St. Avignor was also worshipped on the planet bearing his namesake; so much so that when he died a large cathedral was built in his honor and became his final resting place.  After many miracles performed in his lifetime across the sector, St. Avignor’s Cathedral became a pilgrimage for millions of Imperial citizens. 
A world once dominated by the Ecclesiarch, it was cut off from the Imperium by a huge warp storm that hid the planet in limbo between real space and the warp.  After generations of isolation, slowly the majority of the population began to fall from their belief in the God-Emperor.  This shift did not go unnoticed and the foul stench of Chaos infiltrated the influential upper class.  Soon those that still followed the Ecclesiarch became the minority as more and more of the population denounced the Emperor, believing the he had abandoned them.  The Cathedral of St. Avignor became the stronghold for a resistance.  Known as the Followers of the Light, this resistance group kept the Emperor’s teachings alive for many generations. 
Many dark and strange happenings took place during this time in limbo.  Somehow groups of sadistic aliens could travel to and from the planet at will, raiding on what seemed like a clockwork schedule.  During these raids the aliens would take mass amounts of prisoners and disappear as quickly as they came.  Other darker, scarier things would visit too… Demons of all kinds would shift in and out of the warp as the storm waxed and waned around the planet.
Now as the storms subside, a call goes out.  The Followers of the Light, descendants of the original Ecclesiarch, have put out psychic messages.  These messages are a cry for help, for as the planet reemerges from the shadow of the warp, the denizens that used it as a playground do not want to give it up.  The majority of the populace is held in sway by tainted leaders who spew forth anti-imperial rhetoric.  The race is on for the soul of Avignor.  Can Imperial forces assail the planet and with help from the resistance, reclaim what was once a model Imperial world? 

            The planet itself presents as an Oceanic planet with one large super continent containing its entire population.  The planet is largely agricultural but has large stores of promethium under the oceans.  The stores of promethium were the largest export from the planet before the storms came.  The continent’s main mountain range contains the Cathedral of St. Avignor.  Rumors abound that St. Avignor was buried with a very powerful artifact that he used during the wars of reclamation.  Those that protect the Cathedral have neither confirmed nor denied its existence, but since the storms St. Avignor’s tomb has remained sealed from visitors.

Campaign Details:
            This campaign will be run at Grand Adventures Comics.  The games will be reported to the Campaign Coordinator via results sheets.  This campaign is open to anyone wishing to take part. 
  • ·         Duration: Five Weeks beginning October 6, 2011.
  • ·         Entry fee: $5.00 to be paid to the shop.
  • ·         Points limits: None
  • ·         Maximum games per week: None
  • ·         Special Scenarios: Yes, but not mandatory each week.
  • ·         Map Campaign with two opposing forces

Players will sign up at Grand adventures, claiming their loyalties to one of two banners.  Either the forces of Evil/Chaos/Aliens, lead by Kevin Drury or the forces of the Imperium and its allies, lead by Damon Booker.  These Supreme Overlord Commanders will be in charge of making the movements each Thursday night.  Each win that players get throughout the week boosts the number of territories your SOC can attempt to conquer.  These wins can also bolster defenses or be stacked to increase the chances of conquering.  The campaign maps will be posted on the Grand Adventures Forum, the Blade and Bolter Forum and the Istvaanian Blog Site.  A hard copy of the map will also be available at the shop.  You are encouraged to speak with your SOC and strategize about map movements. 
Actual game play… Players may play any day of the week against anyone on the opposing force.  Players may play as many games as they wish but may only play the same person twice in one week.  The gaming week runs from Thursday to the following Wednesday.  Players may play any scenario that they wish but each week a special scenario will be available that will give your side bonuses for the win.  Also scenarios from Cities of Death will give bonuses to attempts at conquering territory with cities on them.  Planet Strike scenarios will give your SOC the opportunity to conquer territories away from the frontlines.  Result sheets will be available in the shop and must be turned in to receive credit for the game.  Both players must sign off on the result sheet for it to be valid. 

The point behind the campaign:
            The whole point is to have fun, to put a story behind your games and give them some purpose.  This is by no means a competitive setting.  We do have prizes to give out in the end but not to the player with the most wins!  Records are kept but will be posted in a side vs. side fashion instead of individuals.  Keep in mind the reason we all started playing in the first place, to have fun!  Good luck.

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