Tuesday, August 9

Cities of Death Tournament & League: Results and Photos

Well, we didn't have as big of a turn out as we hoped for, but we still had a great event at Grand Adventures this past weekend! I was there to help out AirmanG and run a ringer army if needed. And we needed one! We had hoped for around 15 - 20 people, but only 5 showed up. Since the tables were already set up, we decided to go ahead and throw down! After the first round, AirmanG and I made the decision to start moving terrain from the tables we just played on to the next row of tables. This allowed us to make the table match the Alpha, Gamma, Omega style missions that Bossman had wrote for us and gave the tourney a more fluid feel. No one played on the same table twice. By the third round, I had to pick a deployment zone based on whether or not I could fit my Land Raider on the table! In the end, the 7 of us had a great time and between the tourney and the league winners, $130 in prize support was given away!!! Here are the results in order:

  • Tourney 1st Place ($30) Kevin D. with Dark Eldar
  • Tourney 2nd Place ($20) League 1st Place ($50) Patrick G. with Iron Hands Space Marines
  • Danny C. with Deathwing Dark Angels Space Marines
  • Brendan with Dark Eldar
  • David D. with Salamanders Space Marines
  • Ben B. with Grey Knights Space Marines
  • Note: League 2nd Place ($30) Damon B. with Grey Knights
First Place Tourney Trophy with One of the Winners Venom Squads

First Place League Trophy with One of the Winners Iron Hands Squads

And here are ton of photos taken by David. Check out the terrain! Thanks for the photos, David!

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