Friday, June 24

Sons of Horus test models

Heresy-era Son of Horus from Index Astartes
While working on my old-school beakies it occurred to me it could be possible to do them as heresy-era Sons of Horus instead of Black Legion. I definitely want to play them as chaos, but having the good old multi-codex option would be nice as well. I figured setting them circa the Seige of Terra would work out -- there would likely be a mix of normal marines, mutated freaks, and demons as they march on the Imperial Palace. In that train of thought I decided to try a few test models to see what would stick. Problem is the color scheme-- pale green. The older Index Astartes article graphic shown here has them done in that way, and I'm skeptical. Not only would it be a pain to paint, I just don't think it would end up looking good on the table. Horus Heresy: Collected Visions however shows them with a darker green. It looks much more militaristic and 'real' to me than a bunch of guys in pastel armor. The HH novels aren't much help either; each author describes the colors of the legion differently. Some say 'palest sea green' and others 'the color of an ocean storm'. With that in mind, I decided to try both and see.

Bear in mind these obviously aren't finished-- this was simply an exercise in getting an acceptable color. On the RT beaky I basecoated with Orkhide Shade and then wet blended in Astronomican Grey. On the berzerker I mixed a light shade of the same colors and then went in separately with each color to shade or highlight. I really wasn't pleased with how these turned out-- I find it hard to believe the Warmaster of the Imperium would dress his guys in easter egg green, lol.

On the second set I began with a basecoat of Knarloc Green followed by shading with Catachan Green and highlights with Camo Green. I think the green came out richer and looks better overall, despite stretching the limits of 'sea green'. I also think the berzerker's leg trim looks fine the way it is, without being picked out in a different color.

These pics also show the height comparison between the beakies and the current models-- the slightly bulked up bases did the trick.

The jury is still out on which way to go with these guys, but I'm leaning towards the Sons over 'normal' Black Legion. I think they will look better when they are done, plus the counts-as options really appeal to my sense of efficiency, lol. Drop me a line with your opinion on the color mixes, or paint ideas that might represent 'sea green' but still look good en masse.

-- Boltergeist


  1. Love the green, definitely be watching this.

  2. The first ones look the best to me. They are quickly identifiable as Sons of Horus. But, I'll wait and see how they look with the trim done as well.

  3. I like both, and I think either would work, but I prefer the first lot. Or more specifically, the paler one.

    The green ones look better, but I think that's because they're closer to being finished models. Once you put some more colours on the paler ones, they'll look good and menacing.

  4. The light green in the first set looks a lot like the way people paint Death Guard Plague marines. I'm afraid people would think your running Death Guard. (Post Heresy Death Guard)

  5. I like the color on the Berserker best. I think the color that I envision for Sons of Horus is a grayish green. Or maybe a gray with a little green in it? Just my thoughts.

  6. Thanks all.

    @Inner Geek-- Hmm that might work. I'll have to try Codex Grey with some green in there. That should take the pastel edge off.

  7. I wonder what Astro or Codex Grey would look like with a Thraka Green Asurman Blue, 4:1 mixed wash, followed by a lighter grey drybrush. Or maybe Space Wolves Grey with a Thraka Green Wash. No matter which way you go, now I'm gonna see abaddon with bunny ears and a tail on his armour.