Saturday, June 25

Quick and Dirty Guardsmen!

So everyone else is showing off their newest army project, I felt a little left out.  I have always loved the Imperial Guard since I first started playing oh so many moons ago.  I had a pretty extensive metal guard army with a huge mix of Cadians, Catachans and Mordians.  I even at one point bought an entire Praetorian army! (Should have never sold that one.)  Anyway, on to the point, I have had a pretty large plastic Cadian army just sitting around for almost five years now.  I have wanted to build it, but had no inspiration or motivation to paint over a hundred guardsmen.  I was at my ALGS, and saw a Flames of War German Armor can of spray paint.  It hit me like a ton of bricks.  I have wanted a city fighting guard color scheme and  now I have the means to do it quickly.  I picked up the last can and went straight home to start painting like a man possessed.

So here is what I did... I primed the model black, then sprayed it with the German Armor.  From here I dry brushed the cloth and armor with the Foundation dark grey and then the Foundation light grey.  I painted the boots and belts Scorched Brown.  I then painted the metal bits with boltgun metal.  From here I gave the whole model and good coating of Badab Black wash.  Once dry, I used the Foundation Flesh followed by a Ogyrn Flesh wash.  Once this was dry I highlighted the flesh by simply mixing in about 1:4 ratio of Elf Flesh into my Foundation Flesh.  That's it...  It was very quick and easy to do.  A little more free spirited than my normal painting routine, but still effective I think.  Here you go.

Broad shot of the grey tones.

Close up of the flesh work.

Little detail of Sgt. stripes and chainsword.

So I am going to add squad markings to the shoulder pads.  I think this will help break up the monotone look, but hey, they're guard!  They aren't supposed to be flashy, especially in the nitty gritty world of city fighting.  I have actually painted the rest of his squad mates and altogether it took me just over two hours for the squad.  That is really fast for me.  This doesn't include dry time, but does include the bases. 

Let me know what you think.  I am currently building the rest of the guardsmen since we are starting a Cities of Death League, so any input would be helpful.  As always, thanks for reading.


  1. Great looking and simple scheme,

  2. Your flesh is great, thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks alot. Encouragement is great motivation.
    The flesh is simple and I might take it another further highlight on my hq and commissars and such.
    Try to get some pics of the whole squad up later.