Sunday, March 27

The Campaign for Joura: Prologue, The Coming Darkness

          Welcome to the planet Joura in the Segmentum Pacificus.  Joura is a simple agricultural planet with an Adeptus Mechanicus laboratory hidden under the main continent.  On Joura, there has always been an Ork infestation from the nearby Ork held world of Jakart, that has require an armed Imperial presence in the form a two Imperial Guard Regiments.  Until now this has been enough to hold back the greenskins from rampaging across the continent. 
          Two days ago, long range scanners of the Adeptus Mechanicus picked up a fleet of ships emerging from the Warp.  These vessels, not matching Imperial design, headed straight towards Joura.  With the world’s population ignorant to what’s about to befall them, the Tech Priests send out a message for assistance and a warning to the garrisoned Guard Regiments.  Their message, short and to the point, “The Traitors are upon us, prepare for war.” 
          As the local Guard regiments begin their preparations, huge ships fill the upper atmosphere disgorging their drop pods and landing craft.  The Imperial spaceport Madigonia falls in the first hours of the assault.  Forces of Chaos lay claim to large sections of the continent, including most of the Koursonian mountain range.  Rumored sightings of Chaos Space Marines from the rightly feared World Eaters Legion along with unexplained disease and plague are rampant amongst the local population.  It also appears that the Ork population have either sensed the impending battle or are working in conjunction with the traitorous forces.  Ork attacks on Imperial settlements rose sharply almost in sync with the first waves of the assault.  
          Answering the call of help, two Great Companies of the Space Wolves have arrived and made planet fall to stymie the traitors’ advances while their ships make hit and run attacks on the Chaos fleet circling the planet.  More Imperial reinforcements are in route but are nearly five weeks away.  It seems the forces of Chaos are sweeping the continent looking for something, possibly the entrance to the Mechanicus laboratory?  Can the combined forces of the Space Wolves and Imperial Guard hold off the assault long enough for more reinforcements to arrive?  Lock and load and pray for your soul!  War has come to Joura!

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