Sunday, March 27

The Campaign for Joura: Week One, War is upon us!

          The opening week of the Chaos assaults were brutal.  Moving down out of the mountains on the western side of the continent, forces from the dreaded followers of Nurgle clashed in a close fought battle with the mighty warriors of the Space Wolves.  The Wolves fought valiantly but were pushed back giving ground to the followers of a Demon simply known as “the Blight.”  The Space Wolves had better luck in a second engagement, besting another force bearing the mark of Nurgle, although after two hard fought battles were unable to push the enemy forces back to gain back any ground. 
            The forces of the so called “Blight” also clashed against the Imperial Guard in the Northwestern part of the continent, forcing the guard units to fall back temporarily as disease spread through the Imperial lines.  The Guard were able to halt an Ork offensive into Imperial territory, but could not take advantage of their victory while adjusting the battle lines.  The Orks also sallied forth to battle with the Guard regiments holding the spaceport to the Northeast.  This was duly crushed under the might of Imperial treads and air superiority.  Although the lightning raids of the Orks allowed no counter assaults into enemy territory, instead Imperial units simply consolidating their positions preparing for the long fight ahead.
            Nurgle Chaos Marines from the Southeastern part of the continent moved against another Great Company of Wolves to the West and were seemingly wiped from the battle field, but in a ploy that would have pleased the Trickster God himself, the forces of Nurgle were able to seize control of territory held by the Wolves.  The assault turning out to be a distraction to the enemy’s true plans, pulling the Wolves away from the actual target area.  In the Space Wolves bout of rage and fury, they met the fearsome World Eaters upon the field of battle and after hours of carnage, the Wolves emerged blood soaked and victorious.  The Wolves, still drunken with bloodlust, drove deep into the World Eaters previously held territory claiming in the name of the Emperor and Russ.
            The World Eaters smashed into the battle lines of the Imperial Guard to the Northeast, attempting to break through the lines and wreak havoc amongst the Imperial support units.  The Guard held firm under the frontal assault with neither side gaining any real advantage, the battle ending as the World Eaters pulled back to prevent the Space Wolves from breaking further through their lines.
            After a frantic first week of fighting the battle lines have not shifted too much, the forces of Chaos gained slightly more ground than that of the Imperials.  Battle plans are being drawn and troops prepping to move insuring the next week will be just as bloody and devastating as the last.  Can the Imperials hold back the forces of Chaos and a green tide or will the planet be over run before Imperial reinforcements arrive?

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