Thursday, July 4

Battle Force Challenge Update - FAILURE

Yep. I failed. I thought I could finish my all infantry Deathwing force by the end of June. As it turns out, I had really over-committed myself this time. I did however manage to get the majority of it done, and in all fairness this is more than a 1500 point army! I still need to base coat the flesh and gold areas before I can seal them with gloss varnish and attempt to oil wash them. Here are a few photos of where the army is at today. Maybe this weekend I can get the final base coats finished and get my defense line primed.

Group Shot 1 - Knights, Command Squad, & Sargent Terminators

Group Shot 2 - HQ's, Assualt, Shooty, & Magnetized Terminators

Magnetized Weapons - 5 Terminators are magnetized for weapon options
Converted Belial - Same model from my original Ultra-wing army

Converted Librarian & Chaplain

 I also have been buying a few things here and there for future projects. I picked up one of the larger bits bags from Spikey Bits and just before GW stopped allowing bits to be sold I picked up one of the final huge bags from The War Store. Out of both of these purchases I got a complete Land Raider, 3 Chaos Bikers, a Hellbrute, several plasma cannons and lascannons! Definitely these bits bags were worth the money!


  1. dude you outmade yourself ... feel proud of what you already done ... most would not even finish 1000 worth of points out of models all painted ... congratz ... there will be other challenges to do

  2. Aracersss - Thanks! I'll get these guys finished soon. I want to move on to my Khorne Deamon and Chaos Marine army!