Sunday, March 31

WIP: Death Guard Plague Marines

Hey all, back again to show a couple of things I've been working on. There have been rumors and speculation that a few of us here at the Istvaanians will be doing another Tale of Gamers style league soon to get our armies done and some games in. My army of choice at the moment is my all nurgle CSM army with demonic allies.

I recently went all out and got hold of a few FW Death Guard upgrade kits, along with some Mk II and III heresy era legs and Maxmini biohazard backpacks. I'm pretty pleased with the results-- they all work together and give a cohesive look to the models. These have been primered white and given an airbrushed basecoat of old style Gretchin Green foundation paint.


This is my WIP Chaos Lord. He carries the Burning Brand of Skalathrax, modeled as a Nurgle toxin cannon with a fuel tank backpack (known at the gaming table as the Goop Gun). The base model is the chaos lord from Dark Vengeance. He obviously has a ways to go, but I like how he is shaping up. As usual, let me know what you think.

-- Boltergeist


  1. These are looking great! That Burning Brand seems to be a Heavy Flamer and... what is the "Nurgle toxin cannon" (the barrel) bit from?

  2. The barrel is a bell from the new plague drones kit. The backpack is from a SM multimelta. I'm not super happy with it just yet, but it's coming along. Thanks for checking them out!