Sunday, February 24

Terraforming: Underhive!

Blast from the Past!
So L0rdM0nki and I (and two inquisitorial henchmen) are looking to get a Necromunda campaign going in the near future. We've all played since the beginning-- 1995 to be exact (I looked it up. Now I feel old. Ah well.). We've played here and there through the years and the old warhorse has reared its head once again for some minis throwdown. For being a 'specialist game' Necromunda really is up there as one of the best games GW has ever made. If you've never tried it I highly recommend taking a look. The rules are free on the GW site, so get to it!

Box o' bulkheads, ready for action!
In any case I dug out my old terrain that has been gathering dust for several years. Back in the day my basement collected some wetness and so my original set of box set terrain perished. I had to toss out the cruddy card pieces and kept the plastic bulkheads. Undeterred, I still have a second original set plus a rerelease set from when Necromunda: Underhive came out.  I since made new terrain using bulkheads and plasticard (learned my lesson), although compared to current cities of death terrain and so on the whole shebang looks pretty cheesy. I thought I'd show you what I've been working on and hopefully entertain and enlighten with the WIP of updating it.

Bits and Pieces collected in the past 18 years...
My current plan is to mount what I've got on hardboard bases-- much like figures, even shoddy terrain looks better on a finished base. Plus I can build in my collection of bits and pieces to make terrain fit for both Necromunda and 40k. A base with texture and detritus can really make a world of difference in setting the stage for wargame battles.

Homemade terrain using bulkheads and plasticard. Needs a facelift!
I hope you enjoy my venture into nostalgia, talk at you soon!
-- Boltergeist


  1. I am envious. I still have my ratskins hanging out in a box. That game was so enjoyable.
    Also, not that you know me just part of the chattanooga crew, see you all next weekend at stones river!

  2. Hey! A friend and I are actually running a campaign right now. Do you want/need any more players for Necromunda? I'm in the Brentwood area.