Wednesday, October 31

Small Alpha update. Apologies for the delay!

I have a combat squad assembled and based and wanted to share them.

I also have my stealth squad assembled but figured I should start with some standard troops first.

Here goes.

Plasma goon.

Pistol Chain sword goon.

Directing traffic.

I plan on using mainly Mk IV helmets from Forgeworld but not necessarily torsos. Also, as the army grows, I will use other marks, but on a per squad basis. I don't want each squad to have lots of different marks.

Another thing I am going to do is give all these goons lots of gear, and not all imperial. I want then to be a little bulkier with details and to have some non-standard equipment to give them that pirate-like feel without being covered with horns.

I am attempting to achieve this look by adding grenades, combat blades and the like from other non-imperial kits. Also, skulls will abound in proper GW fashion on their bases. Also, I am a big proponent that Marines, with or without helmet optics, don't need sites on their guns to hit their target. I have shaved all these off of everything from pistols to bolters to give the weapons a more streamline look.

thanks for stopping in!


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