Tuesday, September 18

PadGuy's Alpha Legion

Alpha Legion. The XX legion. The legion with the most secrets, the most mystery, the most questions… Well, whatever, I am padguy, and this is my inaugural post on The Istvaanians blog. I was inducted with into this group back in February and had some personal events strike delaying my project and its posting on this blog. I am 6 books deep into the Horus Heresy series… I read Legion, and think it’s the best one of the series to date(that I’ve read mind you). Then I thought about my next army and was discussing with the guy who runs this store: . We discussed some codex options, some painting and modeling ideas, and I settled on the Alpha Legion. That being said, I am a loyalist at heart and the idea of running a Chaos force always turned my stomach. I did as much research as I could, traveling through the internet and absorbing as much information about the Alpha Legion as I could, even rereading Legion again(better the second time). The mystery about the Alpha Legion’s loyalty remains to be answered, but there is enough doubt that I feel I can really exploit a number of different Codexes and maintain the proper feel of this army, throughout. That being said, you will not see anything that looks like this:

I wanted a much more subtle look to my army. I plan on using almost exclusively loyalist armor and weapons, with a few bits thrown in here and there to given them a furtive, subtlety vile, something’s-not-right, kind of look. There won’t be any horns, or tentacles, but I plan on decorating their bases with all sorts of Imperial flotsam. The purpose is so that even in their modeling questions are raised. “Are they attacking imperial positions? Are they relieving Imperial forces? Are they attacking a Chaos force” You get the picture. I am not sure I will put any markings on them yet. Not sure if the Hydra or the “A” will be used, maybe neither…or both!

Codex choices: I plan on building this army so that Three Codexes can be used. Maybe not every model every game but so that I can add this unit or that unit in and play a different codex with relative ease. The purposes are two fold: Finances(We are talking GW here after all) and To keep my options open from a gaming POV. That being said, the codex choices will be secondary to what I hope to be the best modeled and painted army I have created. I am going to play the models I think look the best, and convert and paint them based on their appearance rather than the rules that accompany them. I do not mean I will be building worthless armies with this group, but WAAC type of construction will not be on the agenda.

The codex to be used first is Space Wolves. This MAY change with the Chaos Marine Codex comes out, but it is unlikely. The third codex will be Codex: Space Marines.

On to the list: This is Approximate, as I have not settled on everything and the points are not set. Rather, these are the units I will construct, and will play them interchangeably when I bounce around Codexes:

HQ: Logan, a Wolf Guard Battle Leader, with some gear and Saga of the Hunter, A Rune Priest

Troops: Grey Hunters of course, a mix, some in rhinos, some in pods, some on foot even.
One of these will be a stealth squad.

Elites: Wolfguard. Two-three squads. Two in Power Armor I plan on doing something really bold with painting/modeling wise. One in Terminator armor, likely only 5 strong. Plus a couple more to accompany a squad here and there.

Fast Attack: Nothing yet, but as points allow, Landspeeders are always a good choice.

Heavy Support: Long Fangs will be used, but not missile spam! I think it’s time some goons with heavy bolters stand around rocking some enemy positions! Predators are options as well but only in bigger games. I want to have lots of troops in this army so it will be light on vehicles.

Well that is my very long first post and army plan! No pictures of WIP yet, but I have assembled a number of figs. I should have something within a week, so check back then!



  1. Nice!
    We have very similar concepts for our Alpha Legions. I have been looking into getting my own brass etched for iconography. http://www.modelshop.co.uk/article/show/98

    I however intend to use SM,BA and CSM if it enables me to turn fluffy ideas into toys...

    I'm Alpharius and so is my wife

    Hackney Area Tabletop Enthusiasts
    Tank Nuttin' Division

    1. Sounds good!

      Once you get some worked up, give me a link and I'll post it to show folks other alternatives.

      I am also Alpharius and so is Bossman, Airman G, Boltergeist, Asmodai and the rest....