Sunday, March 25

Warhound Titan Walks Again!

In my last post I know I mentioned that I would have an update on my Night Goblins. Apparently one of the little guys was friends with Papa Nurgle and infected me with a cold that will not go away. By the end of week I was feeling better, and I did manage to get a few commission items done and out of the way. One of those items was the Warhound Titan that I mentioned a few posts back. That had to be one of the worst models I have ever put together. I don't know if it was the fact that it was an eBay salvage job, or if it was just a bad kit from Forgeworld. Either way, I know that I wont be getting one of those models for a long time! Here's a few photo's of the completed Titan. The owner will finish the assembly after painting. He is going with a heavily weathered look, since this guy was already in bad shape to begin with!

If you look at the leg on the right, you'll notice that is actually a piece of plastic pipe, plastic card, and quarter inch wood! The original leg was missing when I got the model, and there was no way to get a replacement. Once the model is painted everything will blend in. The owner wanted the Titan to be posed, but with one leg being made out of plumbing material and the other pinned in several places where it had been broken, I had to go with a more static pose. The model is bolted to the base so that it can be removed for storage or transportation. The owner does great paint work, and I am curious to see how this guy turns out when he is done with it.

Now that all of my commission work is done and out of the way, I can return to my Night Goblins. Well, as soon as I get over this cold. If you're interested in having me do some work for you, contact me and I'm sure we can work something out!

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