Sunday, February 26

Battle for Stones River 2012 Results are in!

I know everyone has been waiting patiently for the results to be posted, but I do want to take a minute and say a few things...

BIG THANKS goes out to my fellow Istvaanians for all their hard work leading up to and the day of.  Without their help we would not have had such a great event.  Thanks to all the participants that showed up with great attitudes and made our day that much more enjoyable.  Also thanks to Chris with Grand Adventures for his support and to Matt Rogers with the Wright Agency for providing an awesome lunch!  Also a big thanks to Black Library author Mike Lee for taking time out of his busy schedule to stop in and chat.  I hope some of you guys took advantage and picked his brain a little.

I will be posting my thoughts on the event and hundreds of pictures over the next day or two.  It will take me awhile to comb through the pictures and get them ready for the blog post.  I really hope everyone enjoyed themselves and I am already looking forward to next year!  So less reading and more results posting...

Player Total Player Army
Brian Crew 137 Brian Crew Blood Angels Space Marines
Matt Rogers 125 Matt Rogers Grey Knights
Tarzan Jensen 123 Tarzan Jensen Necrons
Brendon Bowersox 115 Brendon Bowersox Space Wolves
Grant Wyatt 114 Grant Wyatt Imperial Guard
James Curry 110 James Curry Imperial Guard
Clay Williams 104 Clay Williams Necrons
Brian Gladden 103 Brian Gladden Eldar
Joshua Heath 103 Joshua Heath Blood Angels Space Marines
Willie Shannon 102 Willie Shannon Grey Knights
Andrew Gardenhire 101 Andrew Gardenhire Grey Knights
Dung Trinh 101 Dung Trinh Chaos Space Marines
Phillip French 101 Phillip French Space Marines
Brock Walker 100 Brock Walker Space Wolves
Keith Hoffman 100 Keith Hoffman Blood Angels Space Marines
Chris Enfinger 99 Chris Enfinger Chaos Deamons
Mike Wooten 99 Mike Wooten Space Wolves
John Brewer 97 John Brewer Space Wolves
Mathew Sego 96 Mathew Sego Space Marines
Justin Munn 95 Justin Munn Space Marines
Donovon Sims 94 Donovon Sims Grey Knights
Kevin Drury 93 Kevin Drury Dark Eldar
Damon Booker 92 Damon Booker Space Wolves
Glenn Jeffrey 92 Glenn Jeffrey Grey Knights
Jason Finney 92 Jason Finney Grey Knights
Justin Winters 92 Justin Winters Imperial Guard
Patrick Gilliam 92 Patrick Gilliam Space Marines
Robert Blackwell 90 Robert Blackwell Eldar
Chris Flanagan 89 Chris Flanagan Blood Angels Space Marines
Chris Bryant 87 Chris Bryant Space Wolves
Jeff Guillotte 87 Jeff Guillotte Black Templars Space Marines
Al Gleason 86 Al Gleason Space Wolves
Dan Rumley 86 Dan Rumley Blood Angels Space Marines
Kevin Schack 86 Kevin Schack Necrons
Shannon Dickens 83 Shannon Dickens Tau
Alan Edwards 82 Alan Edwards Orks
Shane Grubb 82 Shane Grubb Imperial Guard
Adam McReynolds 81 Adam McReynolds Tyranids
Cody Mitchell 78 Cody Mitchell Space Wolves
Raymond Linton 78 Raymond Linton Dark Eldar
Adrien Brussard 77 Adrien Brussard Imperial Guard
Andy Patton 75 Andy Patton Space Marines
Jeremy Joe 74 Jeremy Joe Space Marines
Mel Grubb 74 Mel Grubb Orks
Randy Miller 73 Randy Miller Black Templars Space Marines
Don Bender 72 Don Bender Tyranids
Alexander Veinberg 71 Alexander Veinberg Space Wolves
Jon Rumley 70 Jon Rumley Tyranids
David Dubious 68 David Dubious Grey Knights
Lance Adams 67 Lance Adams Orks
Richard Gerbrandt 67 Richard Gerbrandt Space Wolves
Josh Alexander 66 Josh Alexander Blood Angels Space Marines
Simon Crouch 65 Simon Crouch Necrons
Michael Bradley 64 Michael Bradley Blood Angels Space Marines
Perry Blackwell 64 Perry Blackwell Space Wolves
Michael Romero 63 Michael Romero Grey Knights
Jay Durall 60 Jay Durall Space Wolves
Keith Rankim 60 Keith Rankim Imperial Guard
Victor Rasky 56 Victor Rasky Chaos Space Marines
Dylan Ferraro 53 Dylan Ferraro Space Marines
Ryan Reed 53 Ryan Reed Dark Eldar
Casey Workman 51 Casey Workman Tyranids
Bryan Ragland 49 Bryan Ragland Eldar
Jonny Patton 49 Jonny Patton Space Marines
Matt Devill 39 Matt Devill Space Wolves
Billy Witt 38 Billy Witt Necrons
Daniel Ibarra-Scurr 29 Daniel Ibarra-Scurr Tau


  1. Out of curiosity, is it possible to get our individual scores (for paint and sportsmanship, etc)? I wasn't sure how those things were scored and I'd just like to make sure I'm properly prepared for next year.

  2. Any chance of getting the battle point break downs?

  3. RayJ, if you (or anyone else that is!) would like a break down of their scores send me your email and I will get it to you as soon as I can.