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Battle for Supremacy Doubles Tournament

What a crazy weekend of gaming!  We had our local doubles tournament this weekend, the Battle for Supremacy.  It was a pretty good turnout with 23 teams showing up from all over Tennessee.  We had three great rounds of play with little to no trouble from players or scenarios!  Always a good sign.  Big THANKS goes out to my fellow bloggers Asmodai and AirmanG for helping run this year's event.

A little history on this event, it has been run in the past by another local gaming club, the Laughing Corpse.  After last year's event they decided not to continue running the event and after much confusion ended up turning the reigns over to Dicehead Games out of Chattanooga.  Luckily Shane from Dicehead was willing to let our FLGS, Grand Adventures, in on the tournament and so the Istvaanians were once again called into action.  So after many setbacks, the big one was our venue being yanked out from under us a month prior to the tournament, we set up 13 tables inside Grand Adventures and got ready for the action.

The scenarios are based around all the battles taking place on a Demon World solely for the entertainment of the Demon itself.  I have had the idea for a while and wanted to go into greater detail, but for lack of time I used a much watered down version of my original.  So here is the three scenarios we used for the tournament.

Round One
      Welcome to my world.  I am your host, Kraaz’Akt “the Cleaver of Worlds”, but you may call me “Master.”  I have brought you here at my whim for a chance at glory.  You and your followers will fight for your lives and if you please me, I may allow you to continue what you call an existence.  Good luck and try not to die too quickly…
Deployment: Spearhead deployment.  Players roll off, winner may choose to deploy first or second.  Player that deploys first has the first turn.  Random game length is in effect.
Special Rules:  “Demon World” You are fighting on the demon world of Kraaz’Akt, things are not always as they seem.  At the beginning of each turn (starting turn 2), both players choose one piece of terrain each and roll a D6.  On a 5 or 6, scatter that piece of terrain 2D6 in a random direction.  Terrain will not scatter off the table or onto other terrain.  Models that where inside the terrain or that the terrain lands on must take a Dangerous Terrain check, as the battlefield phases in and out of the material universe.  If models were in the terrain, they stay in place as the terrain phases out from underneath them.
Primary: Dominate the battlefield by controlling more table quarters than your opponents. Have a scoring unit inside a table quarter and no enemy units in the same quarter to claim it.           11 Battle Points
Secondary: Glory in the slaughter of the weak… Destroy all your opponents’ scoring units by the end of the game.  Both teams can achieve this objective. 5 Battle Points
Tertiary: A wondrous offering… Kill both of your opponents’ HQ choices.  Both teams can achieve this objective.                     4 Battle Points

Round Two
       That was a pitiful attempt to please me.  I am feeling generous, so you have another chance.  As you can see, I have returned your followers to you as they were before the last battle.  Use them wisely and do not disappoint me again.
Deployment:  Dawn of War.  Each player may deploy two troops and one HQ.  Random game length is in effect.  Prior to any rolls, teams must place a total of 3 objectives on the table at least 15” from the table edge and each other.  Roll to see which team places the first objective. (Only 3 objectives between both teams, not 6.)
Special Rules:  “Fog of Warp” Any units not deployed and not held in reserve, move on during the movement phase as stated in the rulebook.  Prior to moving each unit on the table, roll a D6.  On the roll of a 1, that unit must move on from your opponents’ table edge.  Move on and roll for one unit at a time, place that unit before moving on to the next.
Primary: Gather the tribute… Control more objectives than your opponents at the end of the game.  Normal conditions apply to control objectives.             12 Battle Points
Secondary: Divide and conquer… Completely wipe out one of your opponent’s armies by the end of the game.   Both teams can achieve this objective.      5 Battle Points
Tertiary: Shame them with denial… Complete this by not allowing your opponents to control a single objective at the end of the game.  Both teams can achieve this objective.     3 Battle Points

Round Three
       One final attempt, my patience is wearing thin.  Show me glorious slaughter and I will return you to your miserable existence you call a life.  Fail me again and you will be damned to an eternity as a plaything for my pet Deamonettes.
Deployment: Pitched Battle.  Random game length is in effect.
Special Rules: “Mutating nature of the Warp.”  Prior to deployment, each player chooses one Troop choice and rolls a D6.  Add the following affect to the unit for the remainder of the game.
            1-2 =Unit gains +1 Attack when they sprout an extra limb!
            3= Unit gains +1 Toughness as their skin fuses with their armor!
            4= Unit gains +1 Initiative as their sense become heighten!
            5= Unit gains “Feel No Pain” universal special rule!
            6= Unit’s mind is ravaged by the Warp, Initiative is reduced to 1.
Primary: In slaughter do we trust… Kill them all!  Rack up more Kill Points by the end of the game than your opponents.      11 Battle Points
Secondary:  Center of attention… Control the center of the battlefield by having an HQ within 3” of the center of the table and no enemy units within 3”.       5 Battle Points
Tertiary:  Make them pay… Destroy both your opponents’ most expensive units by the end of the game.  Both teams can achieve this objective.         4 Battle Points

Any comments on the scenarios are always helpful.  The players for the most part really enjoyed them and beyond a few wording issues, they seemed to go off without a hitch.  One of the rare things that happened was that I actually got to play a couple of the scenarios in the tournament.  We had an odd number of teams, so Asmodai, AirmanG and myself rotated out as the ringer army with my Necrons.  We had a great time and played some great guys!

Another thing we did different was in our Sportsmanship scoring.  There is a lot of debate about sportsmanship and a fair way to score it.  We broke tradition this time and at Boltergeist's suggestion used a system developed by Jason Buyaki.  Basically no scores are given, simply after the last game is played, the teams ranked the teams they played in the order they most enjoyed.  So the team that was most fun to play against was one, second most was two and third most was three.  We then translated this over into points to give us a total Sportsmanship.  It worked pretty well until some teams mixed up their opponents' team numbers and we ended up with one team getting six scores instead of three...

Anyway, I could ramble and get into great detail about all kinds of stuff, but I don't want to bore you.  I will get on to the good stuff, results and pictures!  So here are the overall scores for the teams:

1.Team 11 Kevin McCormick & Dave Jensen 79
2.Team 16 Jake Bussey & Steven Oaks 77
3.Team 5 Jeremy Stan & Jeff Giullote 75
4.Team 3 Patrick Gilliam & Brennan Bowersox 74
5.Team 12 matt rogers & andy Patton 73
6.Team 15 Justin Winters & Andrew Gardenhire 69
7.Team 1 Kevin Drury & Bob Drury 68
8.Team 22 Zack Miles & Danny Ackensen 61
8.Team 6 Rob Blackwell & Perry Blackwell 61
10.Team 7 Willie Shannon & Chris Staples 57
11.Team 2 Chris Enfinger & Victor Rasky 53
12.Team 21 Ben Klapp & Chris England 52
13.Team 23 Phillip Fortin & Dale Brown 50
13.Team 13 Johnny Patton & Brock Walker 50
15.Team 9 Billy Witt & Dustin B. 49
15.Team 8 Cody Broussard & Todd Broussard 49
15.Team 17 Ben Gwirstman & Justin Jackson 49
18.Team 20 Micheal Romero & Josh Dobson 47
18.Team 18 Nathan Long & Will Guinn 47
20.Team 4 Glenn Jeffrey & Jake LaPlante 44
21.Team 10 David Hanson & Justin Munn 40
22.Team 14 Mike Wooten & Allen Edwards 34
23.Team 19 Alex Vineberg & Eric Jensen 30

Team 11 Kevin McCormick & Dave Jensen won Overall and received $100 each in store credit!
 Team 16 Jake Bussey & Steven Oaks took 2nd Overall and received $50 each!
Team 3 Patrick Gilliam & Brennan Bowersox won Best General's with the most Battle Points!
 Team 22 Zack Miles & Danny Ackensen won Best Sportsmanship!
Team 7 Willie Shannon & Chris Staples won Best Painted!
All the three of the last teams won $50 each in store credit to Grand Adventures!  That was $600 worth of prize support going out the door.  Chris at GA and Shane from Dicehead went all out this year.

So on to a few pictures I snapped in between playing the ringer and trying to keep everything organized.

Well, I hope everyone had a great time and if you couldn't make it this year we already have plans to make it bigger and better next year.  Also don't forget the Battle for Stones River is just around the corner!  Saturday February 25, 2012 in Murfreesboro, TN.  Registration begins January 1, 2012.  Thanks for reading.

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