Monday, November 28

White Scars: Back in the Saddle!

Hey all, Boltergeist back with my Tale of Gamers update. I've been playing White Scars on and off since the Index Astartes article back in 3rd edition. I sold that army sometime during 4th ed, then remade them when 5th came out.

I've always played them as a hybrid army, but wanted to take this opportunity to both expand my forces to an all-bike list, as well as try out some new painting techniques. I'm fairly pleased with how these are forming up. My older models are essentially just white primer shaded with SW blue and a mixed final shade line, so I wanted to do something to add some depth. These are basecoated in VGC Ghost Grey to appear white but still allow me room for a final highlight of true white.

I looked at the basecoated model under a bright light, then simulated the natural shadows with various greys to accentuate it, and I'm happy with the results. I still need to finish the skintones on a few of them and various odds and ends like eyelenses, but the squad is almost complete.

 And for those of you keeping score at home, I've completed my 1250 base army for the Tale of Gamers challenge. These to the right have basic colors only at the moment, but they are still painted for the contest purposes, and have decals already applied. Due to weather issues I didn't get my additional HQ primered, so I doubt I'll get it done by the Thursday deadline, but I figure I'm in pretty good shape as far as points go. Thanks for reading, and let me know what you think about the paint scheme!


  1. Maybe Bossman's camera can help pull out the depth in the colors. These look so much better in person!

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