Thursday, October 13

Battle For Avignor Week Two

The Battle rages on!  We had a great first week of our campaign.  There were 15 games played this week with the bad guys picking up 8 victories and the good guys only 5.  We also had 2 draws this week.  In our movement phase, our commanders battled it out trying to take territory after territory.  In the end only 6 territories changed hands.

The Bad guys pushed forward on the flanks, capturing one territory to each side.  They also made a push into the town of Tanglewood, capturing the town itself and territory around it.  The good guys concentrated on the Promethium fields, pushing down into the ruins capturing two territories. 

The world of Avignor after the first week of fighting...

Here are the rules we used for capturing territories:
Rules for conquering territories
Basic map tile= 5 on 2d6
Modifiers to conquer rolls:
            Mountains= +2
            Barracks=+2/+1 surrounding tiles
            Shield Generator=+3/+1 surrounding tiles
            St. Avignor’s Cathedral=+3

Commanders may use one win to roll to conquer a territory.  They may also use up to three wins to alter their conquer rolls. 
Commanders may use one win to roll in defense of a territory.  They may also use up to two wins to alter their defense roll.  (Players must declare to defend a territory before the attacker rolls, but doesn’t have to if the attack fails.)
Players must declare their use of wins to alter rolls before the roll is made.   


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  1. Da Dokz plan iz comin togeva! Evun iv doz weedy evil sunz iz too skared ta fight az a proppa Ork shuld.