Friday, October 21

Battle for Avignor Week Three

Battles raged across the continent this week.  Avignor is hell come reality for the soldiers fighting on it.  The forces arrayed against the Imperials have had huge successes this week with five victories, turning them into five new territories.  The Imperials on the other hand had three victories, only able to capitalize on two of them.  There were five battles that ended in neither side gaining any advantage.  The Imperials are currently holding 41 territories and the forces of the Enemy are up to 50.

Here is the new map after the second week...

The battle lines are starting to becoming blurred, armies are beginning to become isolated and cutoff.  Hopefully the Imperials can pick up the pace this week and gain some territories back.  I hope this inspires you to run a campaign with your local group.  Thanks for reading.

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