Monday, June 27

Sons of Horus: found a color!

So with the help of our trusty readers in the comments from my last post, I went back and tried a few more color mixes to hopefully come up with something better. Instead of Astronomican Grey I switched to Codex, and stayed with Orkhide Shade for the green base. After a bit of mixing I came up with something pretty decent, closer to the 'sea green' of the fluff but more muted and military than my original tests. In fact, it looked like a WWII color to me... so a bit of online browsing and a quick trip to my local HobbyTown USA resulted in a pot of Model Master Acryl "Panzer Olivgrun 1943". It was almost EXACTLY the color I had mixed, but ready to go. Can't beat that. I've used the Model Master (made by Testors) acrylics in the past, but only here and there in favor of GW and Vallejo. Testors' model paints are best known for their enamels, but the acrylics are pretty good. They go on thin, and are easy to thin further for airbrushing but still get good results. They also have a LOT of colors to pick from.

To the right is my new version of the paint, using this new color. I'm very pleased with how it turned out-- it definitely looks 'sea green' to a casual observer but will still look good on the tabletop.The basecoat is highlighted with "Pale Green" from the same company and shaded with Vallejo Model Color "Black Grey".

I'm still deciding on the best way to do the bases-- I've never tried the black border before, although L0rdM0nki does his that way and they look great. I also love the 'rolled shoulder' style bases that Privateer uses and how it frames the model. I think I need a bit more contrast here to help it pop.

As I mentioned earlier The Model Master paints work well through an airbrush, so I already have this guy's squad basecoated. Stay tuned for some results, and thanks for reading!



  1. Looking good. I've not used the Model Master acrylics before, but maybe I'll have to keep them in mind next time I'm getting ready to paint or airbrush something.

  2. Real nice colour, look forward to seeing the finished product.