Saturday, April 23

Tactics: 40K Wound Allocation

One of my favorite sites on the internet is quickly becoming Beasts of War. These guys not only have great content, but they also do a ton of YouTube videos. If you're like me then you can learn a lot more by seeing someone else do something than by reading about it. This has never been truer than when I first tried to figure out how to do wound allocation back when 5th edition 40K came out. It took playing several games to finally understand how this works.

Earlier this week, Beasts of War did a great video on explaining wound allocation with both single and multiple wound models. Most of us know how to allocate wounds with single wound guys, but struggle when it comes to multiple wound units. In the video, Darrell at Beasts of War goes over the process in a easy to understand way.

If you liked the video, definetly head over to their site Beasts of War and let them know!


  1. Not sure mate, I was watching some of their videos the other day and they were saying some pretty naff things like attaching a SM character in a Honour Guard would make him no longer an IC and how you can give 9 lascannons to a devastators squads. Would be careful what to pick as legitime tactics from there.

  2. Yeah, like all the other sites you really have to pay attention to what folks are telling you. If it sounds to good to be true, then double check the rulebook / codex.

  3. Well as with everything else in this time and age, it can be quite difficult to filter out the unuseful information. It took me, like, 5 years to realise that the tatics and army lists in White Dwarf were terrible!

  4. Other than the Lord of the Rings stuff, I'm generally a fan of White Dwarf. Some of their lists lately have intrigued me, especially the Warhammer Fantasy lists. I don't play competitive lists, and most of the time I try to avoid the stuff that the internet calls an auto-win.