Tuesday, April 19

Warmachine: Cygnar, Part 1

What!! Non-G.W. stuff on this blog!!! Heresy!!!! I guess I better sneak this post in before the rest of the Inquisition hears about this. Who knows, maybe I can get a few of the other Istvaanians to try this game as well. After all, I wouldn't be a true Istvaanian without trying to cause a little bit of an uprising here and there.

Photo from Privateer Press

I first dabbled in Warmachine a few years back and at the time no one played it at my local shop Grand Adventures. I only had a rulebook and the Cygnar battlegroup, so I wasn't too heavily invested. I managed to get in a game or two with a few of the guys in a gaming club north of us called the Glancing Sixes. I enjoyed the few games I played, but without any local players, I quickly lost interest and gave away my battlegroup to guy that was moving into that area. A year or two later, Warmachine and Hordes took off at my FLGS and I tried to get back in, this time playing the Trollbloods faction of Hordes. Once again I only played a few games, but I never really liked the Fury aspect when compared to the Focus aspect that Warmachine uses. Like almost every other army or game I tried and didn't like, I eventually sold these guys off as well. Lesson learned, never sell your models!!!! You never know when you'll get back around to them.

A lot has changed since I last looked at Warmachine. Now there is a new rule book, faction books, and plastic models. Combine all that with a strong following at my FLGS, I decided that maybe this game was worth another look. I really don't have time to start another game, but I thought this game maybe small enough to keep in my army case with my GW stuff. Several of the guys at the shop on 40K also play Warmachine and Hordes, so finding an opponent shouldn't be too hard.

I looked around the Privateer Press site and tried to figure out what models appealed to me the most in the Warmachine Universe. Ultimately I really loved the look of the undead pirates in the mercenairies section, but I decided to stick with one of the core battlegroups to start with. I went with Cygnar again, since they have the most models that I like. For me, if I don't like the models, then I have a hard time trying to use them in a army. Other than the Cygnar Battlegroup, I went ahead and purchased a softcover rulebook and a Cygnar token set. I would have also purchased a template set, but I have to wait for more to come in.

Photo from Privateer Press

This looks like a good place to stop for now, as I have plenty of models waiting for me to paint and assemble! In part two, I'll go over my opinions on the rulebook (what I've had a chance to read of it so far), and the Cygnar Battle Force contents. Oh, and don't worry, I haven't stopped working on my Ork Freebooterz. In fact, I'm looking at a half assembled Nobz Squad right now and I need to post up the finished photos of my Big Mek Badruk conversion! So much to do, so little time.....

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