Tuesday, April 12

Project Update: Freebooterz Big Mek Badruk WiP

Sorry for the delay in updates on this guy. Painting this guy turned out to be a lot harder than I thought, and it is pushing my skills to the limit. I know my painting is not Golden Deamon quality but I really want this army to be the best that I can produce and not just something that i try to rush through just to finish. This is also my first non-power armoured army that I have really put effort into.

 As you can see, he is far from finished. I have the basic colors laid out, and I am s-l-o-w-l-y adding in the detail. The face is the only thing that I am calling finished, and I have already sealed it so I don't go messing it up! In order to accommodate his Kustom Force Field (KFF), I had to build a base for it by combining a 40mm base and a standard 25mm base into one. I used small strips of plastic card to raise his feet and KFF off of the base to keep him from looking like he was sinking into ground when I add the basing material later. I've decided not to go ahead with the "trench" style bases, and instead I will be using a more basic base similar to the way my previous armies were done. I have however decided to use Gale Force 9's magnetic bases for the project and make a display board for these guys as well.

With Flash

With-Out Flash

As you can see, my photos are still pretty bad. Maybe I can convince Bossman to bring his camera to the shop on Thursday and get some better photos of this guy. Until then, here a few more that show off his KFF and base a little better.

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