Friday, April 8

Project Update: Black Legion

The Seeker of Metamorphosis
I've been embroiled in other things lately and haven't got much new to show for this project just yet. However, I did want to post some pics of an older conversion from several years ago when I first had this idea. This was my first real attempt at large-scale sculpting and I'm pretty happy with the result. I love the old metal demon prince-- he has a great pose and the whole model gives a feel of menace. Using it as a base I added parts from an old Beastman special character, claws from the old Scylla chaos spawn model, and lots and lots of GS. I learned a lot about the proper sequence of using GS, and working in stages for a good end result. The tentacles have wire armatures inside, pinned to the model. I started painting it a while ago but I'm not happy with how it was going. I'll likely repaint it at some point and add him to the new army, on a new base as well.

A close eye will see that the tentacles are larger on his left arm-- that is intentional. His right arm is still more or less functional, with a usable claw and two grasping tentacles. On his left, I went with what the DP model had started with the oversized gauntlet, and gave him an extra tentacle and oversized the others. His claw is still there, but turned inward and made awkward by his further and more extreme mutations.

I'll post a brief synopsis of the fluff behind the army soon-- it should shed some light on the "why" behind the freaks, and where I'm heading with the project.

Top view of tentacle detail


  1. Nice conversion!
    Really like all those tentacles, they look great!

  2. Love it, but why the square base?