Monday, March 28

MaxMini Biohazard heads!

I just saw these on The Black Legion will definitely be getting plague marines now, woot! I've tried several of their sets and they are perfectly sized for marines. Looking forward to these. :)

As an update to my BL project I've been working on test bases to see which type to go with. I like resin bases but A) they are expensive, B) most brands are hard to use because they are too 'scenic' to stand a model on, and C) I don't want the bling on the base to overshadow the guy standing on it. Right now I'm planning to go with a concrete rubble look. Once I get something presentable I'll post pics and a brief how-to.

1 comment:

  1. The one on the top left is begging for a Bioshock "Big Daddy" conversion...