Sunday, March 27

The Campaign for Joura: A 40K Map Based Campaign

This is a campaign that we are running at our local shop Grand Adventures.  I just threw it together for some of our regular guys that come in every Thursday instead of just playing some pickup games.  I thought it would be something good to post and a great place for the guys to come and get updates for the campaign.  So I am going to post the rule set we are using and then the weekly story lines, which are basically just reviews of who won which battles. 

The campaign is based on the Planetary Empires rule set with a few modifications.  We are using the tile system with our victory conditions being which side holds more tiles at the end of five weeks.  We have eight players total: the good guys are Danny (Space Wolves), Richard (Space Wolves), Brian (Imperial Guard) and Greg (Imperial Guard) vs. the bad guys which are me (Nurgle Marines), Jeremy (Nurgle Marines), Damon (Chaos Marines) and Brian (Orks).  Each player began the campaign with six tiles.  I hope this will show you guys that a small scale campaign can change your weekly gaming experience and can make some memorable moments from what would have been another blah night of gaming.  I do not pretend to be a writer of any great magnitude so you will have to bear with me as I plod not so gracefully through the campaign.  I hope you enjoy it never the less!

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