Wednesday, January 12

Project Update: Space Wolves Painting

Here are the photos I said I would take in yesterdays post. I managed to use our digital camera for these, but I am still going to have to play around with the lighting and such.

Here is the Venerable dreadnought as of now. I have the TL lascannon and assualt cannon arms painted as well. Still need a lot more work especially on the yellow.

And here are my converted thunderwolf calvary. I used the new plastic juggernaut models and the legs from the space marine bikers. It's hard to tell in the photos, but I had to make a saddle out of green stuff and completely cut and reshape the legs to get them to fit. I've seen other conversions with these parts but the riders always look like they are floating on the back of the thunderwolves. I've also sculpted on fur in various parts of the juggernauts to help make them look a little more organic and less bionic. For now I am running them as a wolf lord with 2 wolf claws and a thunderwolves pack with one rider with stormshield and ccw, and the other a thunderhammer and stormshield. I also usually give the lord and ccw rider meltabombs because nothing is worse than having these guys bogged down by a dreadnought and not being able to do anything to hurt him.

Group Shot:

Thunder Lord:

Thunderhammer & StormShield:

CCW & StormShield:

And last not but not least, my converted Logan Grimnar. I've only used my terminators once or twice, but I figured I would go ahead and make a Logan model just in case. He's a pretty straight forward conversion with dreadnought shins for shoulderpads, a bloodthirster axe head, and the rest is just plastic marine kit-bashing.

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